January 30th 2009


*Finished Compositions

For the soundtrack to the documentary film Roads of Water (by Augusto Contento): “South,” “Blue Over Green,” “Embankment Against A Sky,” “Further,” “Sieve Of The Soul,” “Signal,” and “Cartography.”

For the Vandermark 5: “Cadmium Orange,” and “Spiel.”

*Recordings In Progress

Sonore: selections made and mix to be completed by Peter Brotzmann, planned for release by Okka Disk on cd and lp before October.

Nilssen-Love/Vandermark Duo: selections made for a mixing session this spring; released on smalltownsuperjazz by summer.

Free Fall: preparing selections for a mixing session this spring; release scheduled on smalltownsuperjazz before their June West Coast tour of the United States.