30 april 2010


Difficult day- my baritone is stolen from a train running between Gdansk and Warsaw; couldn’t imagine anyone making off with an instrument in a trunk that weighed 20 kilos, but it happened. Luckily I was traveling with Mikolaj and Ola Trzaska who went right into action notifying musicians, presenters, newspapers, radio, websites- it seemed like all of Poland has been searching for the instrument. It’s the best possible situation for a worst-case scenario, and certainly not something I could have ever done on my own.

The Reed Trio plays a late set at Cafe Kulturalna, and despite the stress of the day we play a very strong concert. The audience was superb, packed room completely silent and focused on the music. A relief to have something to do other than worry about getting the horn back…

The late GREAT Duke Ellington’s birthday: