22 June 2010


Watched McQueen’s “Hunger” again; really blown away by his
structural ingenuity and risks- I don’t think I’ve seen a mainstream
narrative film since “Full Metal Jacket” that was as formally radical.
Bought a new cd player, my 5 disk changer died the night of the
McPhee/Nilssen-Love/Haker Flaten BBQ; we started the evening with ribs,
Billy Holiday and Lester Young, and ended the night with Wire, The
Dirtbombs, The Hellacopters, The Saints, Zen Guerrilla, and beverages.
Perfect for us but too much for Technics order no prescription hardware, had to take the damn
player apart with a screw driver in order to retrieve the cds.Rest
of June will be spent composing for Powerhouse, the Vandermark 5, and a
trio with Haavard Wiik and Chad Taylor (tours with all three coming up
in the next months: Powerhouse in August [North America], V5 in
September [Europe], Trio in October [Portugal]). A performance of
“Rather Scattered” by the Ab Baars Trio and me as a guest: