8 June 2010


Second day of V5 Special Edition mix goes well, finish Cadmium Orange,
Cement, Early Color, and Haavard Wiik’s “Green Mill Tilter.” The
playing is really burning, strong performances from everyone. Almost
every take is from the 2nd night at the Green Mill, the group clearly
warmed up on night 1 and stretched out inspired
on night 2. Walk out like a zombie, mind fried. Watched an episode of
the BBC’s, The Genius of Photography” series, “Right Time, Right
Place.” Some of it was quite interesting, particularly the information
about W. Eugene Smith since I knew so little about him. But the
comments about how photographers are no longer part of the “front line”
in conflicts or politics (instead it was indicated that this is left to
T.V. camera crews), that contemporary photography is more effective as
a “reflective” as opposed to “immediate” medium, completely ignored the
work of people like James Natwey or the World Press Photo: http://www.worldpressphoto.org/