14 July 2010


Duo with Paal finishes in Tampere, Finland on a great triple bill, one
of the best club dates I’ve shared with other bands in a long, long
time: Black Motor (another excellent set), Pekko Kappi playing
exquisite traditional solo Finnish music, and Paal and I hitting our
stride again (finally getting used to the heat I guess?)- the music is open,
varied, shifting radically and filled with risks. Another fantastic
audience, all of them were great on this trip, room packed and
enthusiastically asked for an encore. Pekko’s music and playing was
incredibly powerful, beautiful, Paal and I thinking of trying to do a
double bill tour with him. His fiddle playing and singing had many
parallels to the masenko of Chalachew’s- all things circle around each
other in some kind of amazing way. Pekko in performance: