23 July 2010


Arrive home from Molde on Thursday night, Friday starts with a morning
rehearsal with Topology (includes Dave Rempis, Jeb Bishop, Josh Berman,
Jason Adasiewicz, Tim Daisy, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Kent Kessler) working
on the arrangements I wrote of a number of Joe McPhee compositions
(first performed at the Umbrella Festival
last November). The music came together quickly, made some new
adjustments to the pieces. Took the train to Milwaukee to get ready to
perform on the opening night of the second Okka Festival, with Joe
McPhee and Peter Brotzmann in a trio. Music very different than Sonore
or the Reed Trio (w/Mikolaj Trzaska and Waclaw Zimpel), standing
between Brotzmann and McPhee was a daunting task, but I felt like the
music was strong and unique. Extraordinary Popular Delusions played
first and sounded great. Footage of the trio with Christof Kurzmann and
Martin Brandlmayr: