10 September 2010


The groups head to Bergen. Both bands play
strong sets (V5 play Friction, Second Phase, Leap Revisited, Cadmium
Orange). Between there is an improvised interlude with clarinets (me and
Fredrik Ljungkvist), bass (Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten), and cello (Fred
Lonberg-Holm). Fredrik is an extraordinary clarinet player, h…e
and Ab Baars are among my favorites currently working with the
instrument. Paal’s father Terry Nilssen-Love is there, great to see him
and to let him know that one of his recent prints is now framed and
hanging at home in Chicago. The crowd was again excellent, diverse and
packed with energy- this has been the best set of audiences I’ve had the
chance to play to in Scandinavia. Cadmium Orange from a performance in
August at Elastic, shot by Brad Winter: