13 September 2010


Next stop of Double Bill Tour:
Schorndorf, and the folks at Manufactur know how to organize a
concert. The room is full and Atomic plays the first set, then a
GREAT trio with Magnus Broo, Kent Kessler, and Paal Nilssen-Love,
then the V5 plays; by the time we finish the audience has heard two and a half
hours of music, and they still want an encore. The quintet plays with
energy, but the screws feel a bit loose on the details of the
compositions, buy sumatriptan online pharmacy need to review a bit more. Even so, these pieces are
definitely coming together, are integrated into the book with the
pieces from “Annular Gift.” While traveling I’ve been reading “Orson
Welles Interviews” and “Thelonious Monk, The Life and Times of an
American Original.” Between those books, the music, the
conversations, and the good times there’s a lot to keep me inspired. I
love being on tour. Renzo Piano’s birthday: http://rpbw.r.ui-pro.com/