28 September 2010


Continue to recharge my creative batteries
while in London- visit the Tate Britian; went for the Muybridge
exhibition, but was more take with the early Francis Bacon (pre-1940!)
and late Turner (amazed when I realized that he predates the
Impressionists’ interest in light and color by a half century).
Afterwards,… return to the Tate Modern to spend more time
with their collection(s); particularly knocked out by the Picabias and a
room buy generic online with Pollock, Guston, Mitchell, Rothko, AND Kline… Been trying
to prepare for the upcoming shows with Brotzmann, Pliakas, and
Wertmuller at Cafe Oto by practicing the clarinet quietly in my hotel
room, but I think working on longtones and scales at pianissimo levels
might prove to be nothing else other than absurd in this case. Some
clarinet with Tim Daisy: