8 September 2010


The members of Atomic and the Vandermark
5 travel by train/bus/train from Stockholm to Bo, Norway for 10
hours. I make the decision to only play new material (“Fables of
Facts,” “Location,” “Second Phase,” “Leap Revisited”), which seems to
be a mistake- the band plays with continual errors on our
opening set, extremely frustrating. Atomic comes out and destroys us
with an incredible set(yesterday, though typically excellent as
soloists, they were rough around the edges on their new material,
probably due to their 12 hour journey from Seville…); tonight it
was our turn to be unfocused onstage. An fantastic audience for such
a small town. Hope to get the band to return to form in Oslo. Have
made notes/corrections to the pieces in an ongoing attempt to improve
the performances, clarify the details.Clip of V5 from June in
Toronto, section of “Spiel.”