19 October 2010


Leave hotel at 5am to fly to Lisbon
from Vienna via Zurich. Have to check baritone with luggage, it
arrives safe and sound. Beauty of Lisbon is exciting, but catch sleep
in the afternoon- I play a duo with Chad Taylor for the 6th
anniversary of the Trem Azul…record shop in the evening and want to be
awake, it will be the first time we play as a duo and in a completely
improvised setting. Grab a nice meal with Pedro Costa of Clean
Feed/Trem Azul and head to the store- such an incredible array of
albums, definitely one of the best Jazz record shops I’ve been to.
The concert goes extremely well,music reminiscent of
Blackwell/Redman- melodic, rhythmically swinging, but also moving
into open territory. Trem Azul is completely packed with 100+
enthusiastic listeners: an amazing way tostart the week in Portugal
to work on the new trio with Chad and Haavard Wiik.Footage
of the duo with Chad Taylor: