26 October 2010


Start rehearsing with Michael Griener,
Ulrich Gumpert, and Jan Roder in Berlin after a long night at Haavard
Wiik’s place… luckily everyone was patient with me. Very cool music,
reminds me of early Cecil Taylor, when Denis Charles was still in the
band, strong communication between Roder and Griener, and Gumpert
plays with lots of energy. Work on mostly Gumpert’s tunes, but there’s
one each from MIchael and Jan. Catch a nap in the afternoon, then head
to dinner with Haavard and a set by Jason Moran and The Band Wagon at A
Train. Really nice to see Jason and Nasheet, look forward to playing
with them and Jeff Parker at the Green Mill in Chicago during February.
After Wednesday’s quartet concert in Berlin with Griener, Gumpert, and
Roder, the next work is with the Chicago Tentet so I head to Oslo to
start that Thursday morning. The Tentet from Denmark last year: