10 November 2010


Back in Chicago and looking at the rubble- 11 boxes of Wobbly
Rail recordings, stacks of unread books, unlistened to cds, unreviewed
mail; need to hang the Brotzmann and Pierluissi artwork that’s been
sitting on the ground since September; new Mac computer to set up with
Lightroom; a iPod to load so I can listen to music again while on tour;
compositions to write for Free Fall and the upcoming tour; charts to
rehearse for that trio and the V5 concert in Mexico; meetings with Bob
Weston to prepare for the new soundtrack, the Topology recording
session, the Resonance recording session, the Resonance mixing session,
the Fire Room mastering session; work on getting the visa paperwork
sorted for France and Brazil. Oh yeah, some sleep. Photos from Madrid
and Barcelona, reviews in Spanish: