25 April 2011


The Tentet leaves its Wuppertal “base” and heads to Stuttgart on Sunday the 24th to play the 25th anniversary Internationale Theaterhaus Jazztage. After the intimacy of Cafe Ada- playing directly on the floor right in front of the crowd- I felt disconnected from the audience in the concert hall space that night. It was a tough gig musically, directions of the material heading into occasional dead ends, hard to hear clearly on stage, etc. Even so, there were powerful highlights in the midst of the performance- Fred Lonberg-Holm playing great, as did Peter and Joe. Monday was the 1st and only day off on the tour- went to the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart with Peter, Mats, Per-Ake; enjoyed the horror of Otto Dix’ paintings, and the mystery of Dieter Roth’s organic “artifacts.” Nice photo by Michael Zerang backstage in Wuppertal: