16 September 2011


Nearly a month behind on the tour diary. After weeks of delay due to the intensity of the work schedule I resume now, midway through the Lean Left tour, in Poznan, Poland, at the Dragon Klub on September 16th. The band played a rare 2 sets alone to a full room (Poznan and its audience has become central to my work in Poland and the rest of Europe, I’ve now played more at this club in the last few years than nearly anywhere else on the planet); the music benefited greatly from this, opening up, freeing up from the pressure of “getting it all in” during 1 set. The next buy generic india night the group traveled to Warsaw to perform at Powiekszenie, a club that reminds me of the early days of the Empty Bottle in Chicago in the vibe and staff’s open attitude towards music- a really great venue. The band ripped through an very intense set, coming back for 2 encores, room packed and crazy enthusiastic; drawback was that the sound guy kept changing my sax and clarinet sound during the gig (adding reverb, changing the volume, etc.), he meant well but man, this group needs its own sound tech! Lean Left from August in Lisbon: