Mark In the Water



Track list
1. Lead Bird (For Peter Brotzmann) Bass Clarinet
2. Dekooning (Portrait Of Coleman Hawkins) Tenor Saxophone
3. Steam Giraffe (Portrait Of Evan Parker) Tenor Saxophone
4. Personal Tide (Portrait Of Anthony Braxton) Bass Clarinet
5. White Lemon (For Jimmy Giuffre) Clarinet [Bb]
6. The Pride Of Time (For Fred McDowell) Bass Clarinet
7. Burning Air (For John Carter) Clarinet [Bb]
8. Future Perfect (For Eric Dolphy) Bass Clarinet
9. Soul In The Sound (For Steve Lacy) Tenor Saxophone
10. Looking Back (For Joe McPhee) Tenor Saxophone]

Released by Ken Vandermark [view band]

Recorded live @ Alchemia, Kraków on November 29th, 2010
Record Label: Not Two
Year released: 2011
Release format: CD

Ken Vandermark: Reeds

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