May 2nd 2012


Work in February, March, and April has kept the pace that began in the winter… Finished the Platform 1 mix with Bob Weston and Chicago Mastering Service in April (w/Magnus Broo, Steve Swell, Michael Vatcher, Joe Williamson; to be release on Clean Feed, entitled, “Takes Off”). The Double Tandem release, “Cement” (PNL Records) came out; and the band (with Ab Baars and Paal Nilssen-Love) recorded a second album during our concert in Novara, Italy, to be released in early autumn on dE-N Records, in advance of the group’s November tour of Europe. The Resonance Ensemble album, “What Country Is This?” (Not Two) came out to coincide with the band’s European tour in February/March, this followed the Free Fall concerts starting in mid February. The final Resonance performance, in Hasselt on March 17th, was recorded by Michael Huon, and may be used as part of a future album by the ensemble. Though there were no recordings, an exciting tour with Christof Kurzmann took place in Brazil at the end of March; and concerts continued back in the States after that: Milwaukee (solo) and Nashville (duo with Tim Daisy). The live music resumed in Europe as a duo with Paal Nilssen-Love, which began in Italy with Ab Baars as Double Tandem on April 20th and ended on the 28th in Switzerland; during the trip work was done (primarily by Paal) on the upcoming Lean Left lps (with Ab Baars and Steve Noble), and the PNL/KV duo albums recorded in Russian (cd) and Poznan (lp), all to be released in late summer, early fall.