20 June 2012


So much has happened since I hit the studio with the Ex & Brass Unbound at the start of June it’s borderline ridiculous. There is a lot to catch up with on the tour diary: the recording session and tour with the Ex in Italy, another recording in Rome organized by Stefano Ferrian, Okka Fest 4, and the process of putting together the material and rehearsals for the Midwest School, a celebration music from Anthony Braxton (6C, 69J), Julius Hemphill (Dogon AD, The Hard Blues/Skin 1), Roscoe Mitchell (Nonaah), and Henry Threadgill (Untitled Tango, Keep Right On Playing Through The Mirror Over The Water).

First rehearsal was Tuesday night, another on Wednesday, and the gig with the band (Jason Adasiewicz, Jeb Bishop, Josh Berman, Tim Daisy, Nick Mazzarella, Nate McBride, Dave Rempis, Mars Williams- all doing an amazing job with some very challenging music) is on Thursday evening at Elastic: