Early Winter 2013


The Albertina Museum: “Lewis Baltz,” (3.1.13-6.2.13); “Max Ernst Retrospective” (1.23.13-5.5.13), curated by Werner Spies & Julia Drost, art exhibits.

Guggenheim Bilbao: “Stories of History,” (1.22.13-5/19/13) curated by Petra Joos; “The Matter of Time, Richard Serra” (permanent installation), art exhibits.

“Color Rush: 75 Years of Color Photography,” (Milwaukee Museum of Art: 2.22.13-5.19.13), curated by Lisa Hostetler & Katherine Bussard, art exhibition.

“The Imposter,” (Picturehouse Entertainment: 2012), directed by Bart Layton, documentary film.

“Vivre Sa Vie,” (Criterion: 1962), directed by John Luc Godard, narrative film.