8 December 2016


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“Robert Irwin: All The Rules Will Change,” (Hirshhorn/Prestel: 2016), edited by Thomas Fredrickson and Rhys Conlon, artist monograph.


“The Battle For Chile [part I and II],” (Equipe Tercer Ano: 1975 and 1976), directed by Patricio buyambiennorx.com/ambien-price-comparison.html Guzmán, documentary film.

“Chinatown,” (Paramount Pictures: 1974), directed by Roman Polanski, narrative film.

“Crash Reel,” (Phase 4 Films: 2013), directed by Lucy Walker, documentary film.

“Hip Hop Evolution: episodes 1-3,” (Netflix: 2016), directed by Darby Wheeler, documentary series.

“Narcos: season 1 and 2,” (Netflix: 2015 and 2016), created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro, docudrama series.

“Second Breath” (Les Productions Montaigne: 1966), directed by Jean-Pierre Melville, narrative film.

“White God,” (Magnolia Pictures: 2014), directed by Kornél Mundruczó, narrative film.