Option Series : August Calendar


Option in August starts with a solo performance by Ben Hall, on Tympani, Bass Drum, and Trap Set, on Monday the 7th.  Ben’s work as a musician and writer has had a dramatic impact on the contemporary improvised music scene.  After his performance, he’ll discuss his current ideas and work with me.  The concert starts at Experimental Sound Studio at 7:30pm and will be streamed live (http://bit.ly/ess_stream).


The Option concerts continue each Monday in August with-

Katinka Kleijn solo cello and in discussion with Tim Daisy, 08/14/17:


Matt Piet solo piano, and in duo with drummer Bill Harris, 08/21/17:


Beth McDonald solo tuba/electronics, and trio with pianist Mabel Kwan and drummer Neal Markowski, 08/28/17:


Hope to see you there!