Ken Vandermark & Nate Wooley: Deeply Discounted II/Sequences of Snow


1. Deeply Discounted II [14:13]
2. Sequences Of Snow [15:16]

December 31, 2018

Compositional credits:

Side A by Nate Wooley (fourwordseamusic/BMI)

Side B by Ken Vandermark (Twenty First Mobile Music/ASCAP- Cien Fuegos)

Nate Wooley: trumpet

Ken Vandermark: Bb clarinet and tenor saxophone

Recorded on June 24th, 2017 by Alex Inglizian at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago.

Mixed by Alex Inglizian and Ken Vandermark at Experimental Sound Studio.

Mastered by Alex Inglizian.

Produced by Nate Wooley for Pleasure of the Text Records and Ken Vandermark for Audiographic Records.

Album design by Fede Peñalva (contact info?).

Thanks to Shannin Porter and Billions for coordinating the U.S. tours, to Fede Peñalva and Brock Stuessi for their assistance with this production, and to all the listeners.

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