BONYCH Music Festival & BBQ


On Saturday, August 31st, starting at 2pm, the first BONYCH Music Festival & BBQ is going to take place in Sherborn, Massachusetts, at Ride Headquarters, as part of Osto Soundworks.  In what promises to be a landmark event on the 2019 music calendar, BONYCH will present an all day event of exceptional concerts and great food that will feature essential artists from three key music centers in North America (Boston, New York City, and Chicago).

The musician list includes:

* Steve Marquette (link:

* Ikue Mori (link:

* Curt Newton (link:

* Ken Vandermark (link:

* Mars Williams (link:

This festival will give listeners an extraordinary opportunity to hear the wide range of creative aesthetics found in contemporary music- from those that are purely improvised to those compositionally based, from acoustic music to completely electronic- represented by four configurations of musicians.  The artists include pioneering and legendary Ikue Mori (in two settings, solo and trio), MacArthur prize winner Ken Vandermark, key representatives of Chicago’s musical renaissance in the 1990s (Mars William) and new millennium (Steve Marquette), and essential member of Boston’s improvised music scene for more than three decades, Curt Newton.

BONYCH will begin at 2pm with a BBQ of food and drinks that will run throughout the course of the day, and has the following concert program, with most of the configurations taking place for the first time in the Boston area:

3pm: Steve Marquette, solo guitar

4pm: Cinghiale, the reed duo of Ken Vandermark and Mars Williams

5pm: Ikue Mori, solo laptop/electronics

6pm: Ikue Mori (laptop), Curt Newton (drums), and Ken Vandermark (reeds), performing as a trio

The BONYCH Music Festival coincides with a tour in the States for Cinghiale and Steve Marquette, and will be the first performance by Ikue Mori in the Boston area in years.  Music, food and drinks will be provided throughout the day and evening, all for a suggested donation of only $20!

Details on tickets/directions to BONYCH here: