Utility Hitter



Track list
1. Over and Both (Dedicated to Eddie ‘Lockjaw’ Davis and Johnny Griffin) [5:15]
2. Chicago Trio [2:39]
3. Agamemnon Sleeps (Dedicated to Charles Mingus) [15:46]
4. Bass Duo [3:14]
5. Turn Your Head (Dedicated to Ornette Coleman) [4:49]
6. Tenor Duo [1:56]
7. There Is No Reason (Dedicated to Don Cherry) [8:51]
8. Drum Duo [3:31]
9. East River Suite (Dedicated to Albert Ayler) [12:40]
10. Boston Trio [2:19]
11. Polarity (Dedicated to Andrew Hill) [6:12]

Released by Barrage Double Trio [view band]
Record Label Quinnah
Year released 1996
Release format CD


Left Channel:
Mars Williams: Reeds
Kent Kessler: Bass
Hamid Drake: Drums

Right Channel:
Ken Vandermark: Reeds
Nate McBride: Bass
Curt Newton: Drums

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