Fred Anderson with the DKV Trio



Track list
1. Planet E — 8:30
2. Aaron’s Tune — 5:55
3. Black Woman — 6:09
4. Our Theme — 5:56
5. Dark Day — 10:54
6. Lady’s in Love — 10:30

Released by DKV Trio [view band]

Recorded at Airwave Studios, Chicago, IL, December 3, 1996

Graphic buy in new york design: Louise Molnar
Photos (outside): Glenda Kapsalis
Photos (inside): Marty Perez
Produced by: Ken Vandermark & Bruno Johnson
Executive Producer: Bruno Johnson
Engineer: John McCortney
Record Label Okka Disk
Year released 1996
Release format CD


Ken Vandermark: Reeds
Kent Kessler: Bass
Hamid Drake: Drums
Fred Anderson: Tenor Sax

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