No One Ever Works Alone



Track List
1. Elements Of Refusal [10:50]
2. Trees After A Fire [13:16]
3. Broken Hymn [10:30]
4. Death Can Only Kill Me Once [14:51]
5. Hammer Requiem [6:02]
6. Blessed Assurance, Uninsured [8:42]
7. No One Ever Works Alone [2:46]

Released by Sonore [view band]

Graphic Design : Brötzmann
Executive Designer: Louise Molnar
Recorded by Stefan Deistler 26.10.03 ‘Loft’ Köln
Mastered by Stefan Deistler 10.04.04

Executive Producer: Bruno Johnson

Thanks To Hans-Martin Müller ‘Loft’ Köln
Record Label Okka Disk
Year released 2004
Release format CD

Mas Gustafsson: tenor / baritone-sax
Ken Vandermark: b-flat-clarinet, tenor / baritone-sax
Peter Brötzmann: a-clarinet/tarogato, alto / tenor-sax, Bass Sax

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