27 March 2010



2 nights of performances in Berlin at Ausland for the “DevastationMenu” (curated by Clayton Thomas). Also performing were Liz Albee,Anthea Caddy, Vera Fischer, Steve Heather, Joke Lanz, Magda Mayas,and Andrea Neumann. On Wednesday I played in a trio with Fischer(from the New Music ensemble, Klangforum Wien) and t…he turntablist,Lanz; also an explosive duo with Heather on drums. The second nightI played in a trio with Albee and Mayas, and in a large groupimprovisation that closed out the night that lead to some interestingmusic. On both evenings everyone performed a piece organized by Lanzthat was based on a series of numbered cues triggered by a sampler.Reminded of the parallels between the scene in Chicago and Berlin(lots of musicians, fairly cheap places to live, a number of venues,gigs for the door), but Berlin has a significant upper handcreatively with its international collection of players, whichdescribes a wider variety of improvising aesthetics. Visited the“Utopia Matters” (slight and disappointing) and George Grosz exhibits.


Arrive in Chicago and head to Richard Hull’s art opening at WesternExhibitions. New work feels like an interesting shift in imagery,w/strong backgrounds on the larger paitings. Getting things in gear forupcoming duo tour with Paal Nilssen-Love, looks like the soundtrack Iwrote for “Roads of Water” will be rel…ea…sedthis autumn, submitting final details for Powerhouse sound…