28 March 2010


Went to see the Lyric Opera of Chicago perform Mozart’s, “The Marriage of Figaro.” At $200 a ticket (and the “Krapp’s Last Tape” was $75), there are aspects of essential culture that have been priced out of the
reach of most of society; which is incredibly unfortunate- the music was incredible and the performance…solid. I have never enjoyed opera but was convinced by my friend Seth Bowers that I was being ignorant and, like most things in the Arts, experiencing this in person buy abilify would open up my mind to the creative history there; let me see/hear it for what it is.

The same thing happened for me in regards to the music of Derek Bailey, it wasn’t until I saw him live that I was able to get a real grasp of his brilliance. I left the theater last night appreciating John Cage’s
feelin for Mozart, the sense of endless invention.

Birthdate of 3 geniuses: Mies van der Rohe http://tinyurl.com/5rqdbe Pee Wee Russell http://tinyurl.com/yffjydr Ben Websterhttp://tinyurl.com/anh8ox