30 March 2010



Trying to coordinate the tour schedules from April to September: duo w/Paal Nilssen-Love (April), Brotzmann Chicago Tentet (May),Powerhouse Sound (August), Atomic/V5 (September) plus all the myriadconcerts scattered throughout the next half year (for example, Julycontains 3 weeks of performances with Powerhouse, Lean Left, the duow/Paal, a trio with Christof Kurzmann and Martin Brandlmyr, The Ex &Brass Unbound, as a guest with the Thing, a trio with Haavard Wiikand Chad Taylor, a trio with Joe McPhee and Peter Brotzmann, andTopology); though I feel incredibly fortunate to have these opportunities, too much of my time is spent as an administrator.

Preparing for my solo show next Thursday at the Velvet, will use theA and bass clarinets, and the tenor- baritone is waiting at TerrieHessels home outside Amsterdam; I’ll pick it up for the duo tour withPaal that starts in Romania on April 13th.Nice footage of iTi from Linz: