12 July 2010


Short duo tour in Finland with Paal Nilssen-Love starts in Parainen. A good turnout (40+) on a double bill with the Sir Trio (Joe Morris parallels). Paal and I are exhausted post-Kongsberg/Nickelsdorf, butdig in and push; audience appreciates it and requests and encore.Weather intensely hot in Austria and Finland (95+ Farenheit!), making sleep and energy tough to come by. Trying to find time to compose for the trio with Haavard Wiik and Chad, this too is difficult. Have 2sketches done, need a third, and need to write out the material by Sunday, with travel in Finland and back to Nickelsdorf plus concerts every day from now (Tuesday) until I leave for Berlin to rehearse on Sunday… Duo w/Paal from Bucharest this spring: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vreGG-C8R1U