13 July 2010


Duo trip in Finland continues- Paal and I play in Helsinki on a
triple bill with Mohel, and Black Motor (a classic sax/bass/drums
trio,excellent tunes and a strong band, one of the best groups I’ve
heard in quite a while!). I’m pretty used to touring with sleep
deprivation at…this point, but the endless heat is getting to
me- nearly impossible to sleep at night since the rooms are boiling,and
then the club last night had air conditioning but with 120+
people packed into it and 3 bands playing with top energy it was
just sweltering. The combination is making Paal and I feel stuck in
past patterns and ideas, very frustrating, but we’re trying to
find something kinetic while simutaneously being completely tapped
out.Hoping for better music between us in Tampere. Had a bit of time
with the camera, working more in black and white and struggling with
the idea of somehow taking worthwhile pictures of people; first attempt
on this trip was Andy Moor- will end in the trash heap I’m afraid…
More duo footage, from Geneva: