12 October 2010


Another 9 hours of rehearsal for the
Wertmuller compositon for his Full Blast & Friends project, a few
more breaks but I spent these working on parts (not used to the level of
counter rhythms involved in this piece). The musicians he’s picked for
the group are really outstanding- Peter in the role of primary improvisational
force; a rhythm section that really can control the rhythmic
complexity, Thomas able to carry the horn “section” (yeah, I guess two
can be a section)- he’s able to nail the parts Lexapro which gives me something
to lean on when I’m drifting. Really interesting to work with such a mix
of skill sets- total improvisation to New Music- and have the
collaboration make complete sense. Nice talk about differences in
compostional aesthetics between Michael and I, Peter points out that my
work tends to be linear and Michael’s works in collision. Also the idea
of horn players thinking veritically (melodic/pitch based phrases) and
percussionists thinking horizontally (what happens in relationship to a
pulse). Mats Gustafsson website: