13 October 2010


In the morning the Full Blast &
Friends sextet reconvenes to work on details for Wertmuller’s
composition, called “Sketches &Ballads.” Adjustments include
his good decision to pull me off some of the most complex written
material, and to improvise in a like…manner- getting a similar musical effect that
flows more organically than my stiff attempts to execute passages
that are beyond my technical reading ability. The group records the
piece twice at the SWR studio. The second version is performed after
an afternoon break. Brotzmann and I go to a Miro exhibition at the
Frieder Burdamuseum, he is not a fan but I enjoy the paintings
thoroughly; the exhibit has one of my favorite works, the triptych,
“The Hope Of The Man Condemned To Death.” The second version of
Wertmuller’s piece goes much better, music opening up, lots of
performance energy. In addition to a number of group improvisations,
I am lucky enoughto have a duo improvisation with Peter (me on Bb
clarinet, Brotzmannon tenor), and an open solo on baritone. Photos
by Geert Vandepoele of Full Blast w/Vandermark at the Bimhuis: