Cinc (On Hiatus)

Band Members

Paul Lytton: Percussion
Ken Vandermark: Reeds
Phillipp Wachsmann: Violin, Electronics

Releases (click to view)

Cinc (2006)


Ken Vandermark has devoted his 20-year career to exploring and expanding the possibilities of improvised and composed music. CINC is yet another facet of Ken’s relentless quest for taking music beyond previously established boundaries.CINC sets out on a short North American jaunt to the east coast and Canada, beginning mid-June 2006 and concluding with the Suoni Per Il Popolo Music Festival in Montreal.  These rare appearances are a ‘must-see’ for anyone who truly appreciates the raw-spirit, element of surprise and subtlety in the art of improvisational music. For this buy yasmin tour, Okkadisk is releasing a limited edition of CINC’s self-titled cd comprised of live recordings from a European tour, which took place in the Fall of 2004.The CINC trio is one that puts forth beauty, sorrow, mystique and dissonance.   Haunting and alarming in equal measure, this group effortlessly creates otherworldly strains of improvisation with a rarely utilized line-up of percussion, violin, reeds and electronics.  Simultaneously recalling the efforts of early Leroy Jenkins recordings and the occasional solitude of post-WWII classicism, CINC takes us to an undiscovered musical terrain, a place of studied introspection and stunning percussive-melodic interplay.


2011-02-15-CINC 038