16 May 2013


The next day I traveled to Mons, Belgium to perform at La Mediateque, a audiovisual library that houses an incredible collection of music and films (I was quite surprised that they had more than 60 of my albums, including rare records like the first DKV document, a limited edition and live, released by Okka Disk nearly 2 decades ago). I played 2 sets of 35 minutes each, no encore, but another fantastic audience of about 40 people including some good friends from Belgium, all very focused on the music. Retaining the film thread, I dedicated the first set to Chris Marker, the second to Michael Snow.

Though the room had a more workable acoustic, the performance was still physically intense, mainly due to some struggle with the tenor, fighting the horn much more than I wanted to. Some pieces felt formally successful, others felt like I’d find a path and then lose my way; unsure of the “non-methodology” of what I’m attempting with the solo process, walking up and just playing without a plan. In the first set each piece ranged through a variety of fields, in the second set pieces were more singular; I had become concerned that the “unresolved structural motion” was becoming an obvious strategy. The concert was recorded by Michel Houn.

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