16 May 2013


During the day’s travel to Poznan on the 13th (drive to Belgrade airport, flight to Warsaw, flight to Poznan) I realized that the “pivot point” idea of making a sudden shift in improvisational direction at an extreme cutting point, which can often work well in a group context by helping to maintain momentum and tension, also works well in the solo situation- when an idea is pushed to the breaking point in order to simultaneously create lack of control and footing for a jump to a new frame of activity. On one of the planes I dreamed about rehearsing a piece of music. I remembered the theme and played it that night at the concert, something loosely reminiscent of Erik Satie.

The concert in Poznan, at Dragon (by now the club that I’ve played more than anywhere else in Europe) was a double bill with the duo of Fred Lonberg-Holm and drummer Adam Goliebeski, whose playing reminded me loosely of Paul Lytton’s. The crowd was small but intent. Felt that my solo set after them went well, but Novi Sad still felt stronger- more focused and consistent. In any case, the music was recorded and I’ll be able to take this and compare it to the performance from Mons. Perhaps between the 2 there is a accurate solo statement, a document which indicates the current process and creative area in which this activity takes place. After the solo set, Fred, Adam, and I played together to close the night. Great to perform with Fred again, something that never happens enough.

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