The Margots : Soplé



Track list
1. Pluto [4:08]
2. Spolé [5:11]
3. Bésame Amor [3:25]
4. Miedo [5:52]
5. Baby Blue [4:01]
6. Nostalgia [3:08]
7. Kiss [5:30]
8. Margot [6:00]
9. Ah SÍ Mama [2:24]
10. Adiós [4:18]

Released by The Margots[view band]

Songs by Adrienne Pierluissi
Music developed by John Dereszynski,
Ken Vandermark, and The Margots
Arrangements by Ken Vandermark

Music recorded by Bob Weston at
Minbal (April 11-13, 2014) in Chicago;
mixed and mastered by Bob Weston
at Chicago Mastering Service

Produced by Ken Vandermark and
Bob Weston with assistance from John
Dereszynski and Adrienne Pierluissi
Executive producers: Bruno Johnson,
Adrienne Pierluissi, and Ken Vandermark

Cover photo by Ken Vandermark
Design by Jeremy Hooper

© & 2014 Retained by the artists.

Okka Disk 12097

Released July 26th 2014

Record Label Okka Disk
Year released 2014
Release format: CD

Adrienne Pierluissi: vocals
Tim Daisy: drums & percussion
John Dereszynski: guitars
Nick Macri: bass
Rick Reger: keyboards
Ken Vandermark: Reeds
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