08 October 2016



Kerry James Marshall, “Mastry,” (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago: 04.23.16-09.25.16).

Chaim Soutine collection at the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia.

Fred Sandback, “Vertical Constructions,” (David Zwirner Gallery, New York: 09.15.16-10.22.16)


“The Society of the Spectacle,” (Zone Books: 1995), by Guy Debord, non-fiction.

“The Voice Imitator,” (The University of Chicago Press: 1997), Thomas Bernhard, fiction.


“Elephant,” (BBC Northern Ireland: 1989), directed by Alan Clark, narrative film.

“The Falls,” (British Film Institute: 1980), directed by Peter Greenaway, experimental/narrative film.

“In Order of Disappearance,” (Paradox: 2014), directed by Hans Petter Moland, narrative film.

“The Odd Couple” (Paramount Pictures: 1968), directed by Gene Saks, narrative film.

“O.J. Simpson: Made In America,” (ESPN Films: 2016), directed by Ezra Edelman, documentary series.

“Salut Les Cubains,” (CinĂ©-Tamaris: 1963), directed by Agnes Varda, essay film.

“The Silence,” (Svensk Filmindustri: 1963), directed by Ingmar Berman, narrative film.

“Taxi Driver,” (Columbia Pictures: 1976), directed by Martin Scorsese, narrative film.