Mar 31, 2004


After the festival the Peter Br√∂tzmann Chicago Tentet travels to New Orleans and Austin to play two more concerts. Paal Nilssen-Love has joined the band and the group will be working on new material during rehearsals in Athens, so this will be a new phase for the band. Paula Froehle will be ACME shooting documentary footage to add to the work started by Larisa Gray covering the first two U.S. tours by the band, in 2000 and 2002. The hope is to compile all of this material (concerts, interviews, rehearsals, etc.) for a release on an upcoming dvd. More as this project develops! When the Tentet work is completed, I head back to Chicago for the rest of the month: concerts with the Vandermark 5 and the Empty Bottle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music (curated by John Corbett)- a lot left to do this month! In March the new Tripleplay album, Gambit (on Clean Feed), was released. The group performed in Lisbon to celebrate and thanks to the work of Pedro Costa and the Trem Azul crew, the band had an incredible time working and seeing the city. The audience was fantastic, it’s been a great, great stretch performing all over Europe in the last couple of years. The listeners are so prepared and open-minded it’s been unbelievably inspiring. This month the new Zu/Spaceways album, Radiale (on Atavistic) is released. Also Okka Disk comes out full force with 3 albums: two by the Br√∂tzmann Chicago Tentet, Signs and Images, and a double cd by the octet, Atomic/School Days: Nuclear Assembly Hall. All of these recordings are being released to coincide with the ACME Festival and arrive in Athens on Saturday the 3rd.

That’s it for now, need to run to the Tentet rehearsal. Thanks for subscribing to this newsletter, will be in touch at the end of April, but check out the site- new music and articles and photos keep coming.

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