06 October 2004


Another highlight at the AIMM series was a solo set by Lasse Marhaug that I was able to catch despite all the activity surrounding the Territory work. Truly amazing music, and before his concert was finished I realized how burning a trio with me, Paal, Lasse would be. After the concert we discussed the idea and we’re already looking for holes in our schedules to put this group together next year. It will be quite a powerhouse I think!

Thanks to the hard work of Bruno Johnson of Okka Disk, both the Sonore album, “No One Ever Works Alone,” and the Territory Band-3 double cd, “Map Theory,” were released in time for the September performances by these groups. Unfortunately, Sonore wasn’t able to bring our album into Canada during our North American tour, trying to sneak them in could have resulted in some serious border hassles. Having both of these recordings come out at the same time helps represents the kind of diversity I’m striving for in my music.

The free improvised reed music of the trio Sonore versus the large scale compositions for an improvising electro-acoustic ensemble of the Territory Band – how many miles separates these two groups, and how closely are they tied together? My only regret over having these new recordings released on cd is that the format is too small to do the original cover artwork by Peter Brotzmann and Richard Hull any justice.

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