06 October 2004


Also released in September was the “Flammable Materials” poster box set organized and put together by Dan Grzeca with the help of Kurt Kellison of Atavistic records. It’s an amazing piece of work and includes at least 20 original silk screened posters designed by artists across North America for the Atomic/Vandermark 5 tour that took place in June/July of this year. In addition, there is a compilation cd of live performances recorded by Malachi Ritscher by Atomic, the Vandermark 5, separately and in combination, from the concerts at the Green Mill in Chicago. Only about 300 copies could be assembled. For more details contact atavistic.com.

October puts me back on the road in Europe, two groups and two tours. The first is with a new free improv trio suggested by Paul Lytton. In addition to us, Philipp Wachsmann will be involved.

Here’s the itinerary:

Fri, Oct. 8, Jazzgalerie, Nickelsdorf, Austria.
Sat, Oct. 9, Kultur-Musik Raab, Raab, Austria.
Sun, Oct. 10, Culture Center, Maribor, Slovenia.
Mon, Oct. 11, Wist, Graz, Austria.
Tue, Oct. 12, Gromki Club, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Thu, Oct. 14, Carree Bleue, Poitiers, France.

I’ve never played with Philipp before, and working with Lytton is always and incredible experience, so I’m really looking forward to these concerts. Between the players and the instrumentation (percussion, violin, reeds) we should get to some damn interesting music.

After that I head to Scandinavia for a tour with FME:

Wed, Oct. 21, Siste Indre, Hamar, Norway.
Thu, Oct. 22, Sting, Stavanger Jazzforum, Norway.
Fri, Oct. 23, New Perspectives 04, Vasteras, Sweden.
Wed, Oct. 27, Landmark, Bergen Jazzforum, Norway.
Fri, Oct. 29, Bla, Oslo, Norway.

The group started working on new material during a European tour in May.

I’ll be bringing in another set of five for this trip and all of these pieces will be recorded by the band in Oslo during this period for our next album. I’m curious to see how the work since May (hearing and performing with members Atomic every night for two weeks in June, playing the last stretch of concerts until next fall with the Vandermark 5 and recording that material in July, touring with Sonore, working with the Territory Band-4, the upcoming tour with Lytton/Vandermark/Wachsmann, all the other sounds and concerts I’ve played and heard…) will affect the new FME compositions and how I, Paal, and Nate will work together. Better than ever, I’m sure.

Sorry this newsletter is so late, and that one wasn’t sent during September- it’s been an amazing, but busy, stretch. Hope to see some of you at the upcoming concerts, now it’s time for me to catch a plane!

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