21 April 2010


Play with Lean Left on a double bill with Blurt in Amsterdam Monday night. Great to work with Terrie and Andy again, band feels like it picked up from where we were on our last gig together, Rotterdam in
December? Ferocious energy, guitars sounded great. Find my experiences with members of the Ex always leave me inspired to do better work, think in different ways- fantastic times.

Yesterday Paal and I headed to Jena, Germany. Think the 24 train online generic Sunday, and the 4 hours of sleep Monday did me in- I was exhausted for the show, jammed a finger in a door badly, played with as much energy as I could but felt unable to find good ideas or connect well with Paal (and that’s always unusual). A frustrating night, the room was crowded and appreciative- I should have been able to play better.

Footage from my first gig in Romania!