17 June 2010


Wow, the last week has been in serious overdrive- finished the
Vandermark 5 Special Edition mix on Saturday; rehearsed with the Frame
Quartet and the V5 on Sunday, then cooked ribs for Joe McPhee/Paal
Nilssen-Love/Ingebrigt Haker Flaten/Dave Rempis/John Corbett (quite a
nice party, up past 3am listening to music and
hanging out with friends); hit Strobe Recording to record with
Joe/Paal/Ingebrigt, then rehearsed with Frame again on Monday; flew to
Montreal to perform with the Frame Quartet at the Suoni Per Il Popolo
Festival on Tuesday (best crowd the band has ever played to, the
audience really “got it”); did a workshop with the V5 in the afternoon
then a concert buy no prescription online with the band for Suoni on Wednesday (another amazing
turnout, standing ovation, band stretching on the material, even with
my dumb mistakes the group sounded good); V5 flew to Toronto to play on
a double bill with the Sun Ra inspired Swyves (very good band), another
excellent audience and it seems that the group is finding new ways to
develop the material- 5 pieces used to last about 50 minutes, last
night 5 pieces lasted 70! Here’s a version of “Straw,” a piece that
Frame also played in Montreal on Tuesday: