3 July 2010


Watched “Cage/Cunningham” (by Elliot Caplan) again last night. If I
ever need inspiration, looking to these two artists never fails to hit
the mark- their work, their ideas, their discipline, always
re-motivates me. Both artists are so articulate, it’s almost as if each
sentence carries a half dozen ways to re-think
how to approach what I’m trying to do. Cunningham’s idea of “facing
front,” re-locating a dancer’s Ativan understanding of their position on stage
has helped me push my linear composition work, trusting that if the
pivots are clear and well played the audience will be compelled by the
shifts in direction that the music takes. And the incredible humour
both Cage and Cunningham had, even under duress, is a lesson in how to
remain sane during an “impossible” pursuit.