4 July 2010


Completed my part of the work on the upcoming Vandermark 5 Special
Edition album, “The Horse Jumps and The Ship Is Gone” (mix, sequencing,
recording info, design suggestions, etc.). Bob Weston needs to complete
the mastering and Markek Wajda will show me his preliminary design when
we meet in Poznan for the Powerhouse
Sound concert on Thursday. Looks like the scheduling is set for the
double cd to be released by Not Two before September, in time for the
Atomic/Vandermark 5 double bill tour in Europe. Putting together my
playlists for the dj set in Nickelsdorf, lots of 60s and 70s Funk &
Soul, plus music from South America, Jamaica, and Africa- got to keep
the dance floor packed and jumping! Will be composing material for the
new trio with Chad Taylor and HÃ¥vard Wiik while on the road, we
rehearse in Berlin and perform our first concert at the Molde Jazz
Festival on July 21st. Next gigs:

Powerhouse Sound


and Lean Left