12 August 2010


Days in Boston mean the chance to discuss music and art with my folks,
the people who got me into this world (on every level) in the first
place. Their connection to the music and the musicians was evident
during the Okka Fest in July, all the players’ faces completely lit up
as soon as they were spotted. Listened
to Elliot Carter, who at 100+ is one of my major inspirations for
pressing on into the second half of my life. I mentioned this idea to
Peter Brotzmann, who turns 70 next year, and gave me one of his “looks”
and said, “Ja Ken, but I think Mr. Carter has had a different life than
ours.” As usual, Mr. Brotzmann spoke the succinct truth. Good review of
Powerhouse Sound’s presence in Newport from John Garelick of the Boston
Phoenix: http://thephoenix.com/Boston/music/106552-newport-notes/