8 August 2010


Powerhouse returns to the U.S. from Montreal after sitting at the
border in traffic for 2 hours. John Herndon drives brilliantly and
somehow gets us to the Brooklyn soundcheck on time. The group gets a
nice crowd at Union Hall, many musician friends arrive, always a
pleasure and inspiring. Band’s peformance solid,
but I was feeling my fatigue. Early morning on Sunday in order to get
to the Newport Jazz Festival on time. Turns out that I’m the only
musician that’s been buyamoxil-amoxicillin.com/amoxilonline.html asked back two years in a row with two different
bands in the history of the festival (?!!). Group plays extremely well,
Herndon playing through total exhaustion at the end of the set and not
showing it. Audeince response mixed, some leaving immediately but
replaced by other and younger listeners. Definitely felt like we shook
things up a bit, perhaps what we were sent to do. September double bill
tour with the Vandermark 5 and Atomic posted here: http://kenvandermark.com/tour.php