11 August 2010


Tuesday night the Vandermark 5 played our second show for the Elastic
residency. I was a bit dazed from the Newport>Chicago drive, but the
music went well despite this, and a nice audience as well. “Fables” and
“Location” are coming together quickly, feel like they some new
territory for the band to explore. I plan to rearrange
“Leap” from the Powerhouse book for the V5 while I’m in Boston, adding
a third section and making the sequence of parts modular; in addition
to this I hope to compose a new “ballad”- if all goes well both of
these will get rehearsed on Monday and performed next Tuesday night.
Fly to Boston on Wednesday, family and time to think and do some
writing- slowly brewing plans in my head for a new band… This year
adds the trio with Chad Taylor and Haavard Wiik, next year the quintet
with Magnus Broo, Steve Swell, Michael Vatcher, and Joe Williamson; and
I’ll bring CINC (with Paul Lytton and Philipp Wachsmann) back into
action. Vandermark 5 live excerpt, “Table, Skull, and Bottles:”