15 October 2010


On Thursday, Full Blast+ travels to Bern,
Switzerland to perform at Dampfzentrale. One of the better audiences
I’ve played to in that country attends- enthusiastic and following the
music. In the first set the sextet plays Sketches and Ballads (a
stronger, more developed version than those recorded at SWR); the
second set is one open improvisation, organically moving from sextets to
quartets to solos, etc. (extremely Topamax fine quartet tone trumpet solo by
Heberer, ballad duo let by Brotzmann and accompanied by me, great
percussion duo between Wertmuller and Rothbrust). The group travels to
Donaueschingen on Friday and sets up for the Saturday night concert at
the festival, to soundcheck and rehearse, organized details in the
composition. Footage from the Resonance Ensemble performing in Romania
during our tour last October: