8 October 2010


A week ago I was in London playing with Full Blast, I arrived in
Amsterdam on Friday to return to work with Brotzmann’s trio at the
Bimhuis on the 9th. In the interim, work in Chicago
focused on coordinating the tour details in Portugal for the trio
with Wiik and Taylor, and the tour with Free Fall in November,
concerts with the V5 in Mexico in November, and a trip to South
America in December, and getting my baritone to and around Europe for
the month of October- too many loose ends… Also began the selection
process for the Reed Trio (w/Trzaska and Zimpel) recordings made
during April in Gdansk; returned to Milwaukee to further the
collaboration with Pierluissi on the “Addis”
paintings/photographs and listen to Bruno Johnson spin records at the
Sugar Maple on the 4th. Terrie Hessels offers to put me up
on the 8th and it turns out that Gustafsson,
Haker-Flaten, Nilssen-Love, and Pupilo are also in town, by chance.
The Ex are playing in Zaandam and Mats and I are invited to sit in on
half their set, and the Thing also plays on the bill- conflux leads
to very cool music. From the London gig with the Ex & Brass